Far too far. Allowed to go far too far.
Acquisition. Greed. ‘Cannot have too much’.
Used to be that well-off with house and car.
Lords of ‘loads’ see that as a piddling touch.

Philanthropic virtue; don’t make me laugh.
Philanthropy’s not their bag. Their bag’s dough.
Won’t pay their dues. Get out of, even half.
Entitled to it all, is all they know.

And, Society; well, there’s no such thing.
Government only for their benefit.
With whatever they want, to stop meddling.
And, others kept in place, what they expect.

But the grab’s been of such enormity,
It’s far too far, the inequality.


Abused limited liability,
and the cloaking of ownership and wealth,
has manipulative utility.
Means by which profiteers reward themselves.

Not pay debts. Re-Start as new entity
Bulk of wealth maintained, whilst labour cheated.
Easy to deflect practice inquiry.
Private gains by ill-means then repeated.

Of course, not paying proper taxation.
Privileges that are unwarranted.
For dirty dealings, no explanation.
Protects, and fuels, their greed. Hides what they did.

Are not there for individuals, those means.
Mask for bribes and thieving by gangster teams.


They were the jackal to Hitler’s lion,
the corporate giant, I.G. Farben.
Their help with murder, he could rely on.
Mutual support, the evil bargain.

Dye and chemical manufacturers.
Diversified to war materials.
Numerous criminal acts. Undeterred.
Suggested and supplied kill chemicals.

Chlorine Gas at Ypres in First World War
Involved with Zyklon B, in the Second,
at Aushwitz. There, I.G. mass murderer.
Harsh slave labour. For those sent, hell beckoned.

Extorted rivals in states occupied.
Didn’t pay the price; and to keep wealth, lied.


Apoplexy. I was apoplectic.
In seriousness, the proposal put
to torpedo the boats, when detected,
with the migrants on. Tear up the law book.

At sea, the carnage, with bodies floating.
The desperate. The helpless. The lifeless.
Out of sight it’s hoped, their bodies bloating.
It said as a way to end the crisis.

I called it murder. A crime. A war crime.
Women, children, elderly. All on board.
To propose this, must be out of one’s mind.
Showed at this idea, I was appalled.

Like Rwandan genocide promoter,
loose talk, encouraged, makes blood run colder.


Allow me. Please allow me to stay here.
For my family, I must have safety.
Already many neighbours disappear.
We need a safe haven desperately.

Please allow me the chance to live and work.
Let my children learn and play without fear.
Been such a lot of destruction and hurt.
And terror and ruin goes on, I fear.

Please allow me to have a home secure,
so my wife can sleep at night safe and sound;
so our young can grow up and not endure
war; and be free from the hatred around.

We want to be in your community.
Please allow us to be. We’re refugee.


Creeping censorship and mass surveillance,
For who knows what it is that might be found.
Increased life details for intelligence.
Block at source the unsavoury around.

It is about control. Social control.
Of course, protecting ‘the market’ where can.
War preparation, too, a hidden goal.
Totalitarian means, back again.

Under the guise of stopping terrorists.
Also, catching the child sex criminals.
But just to be certain that nothing’s missed,
checks on everyone, under their rules.

And it is about rule; the State’s power
with bureaucrats. Watch fascism flower.


Human rule; now that is evil for you.
It is violence at every turn.
Other names, but not inimitable.
Different times, and yet doomed to return.

Taking over surplus for ‘protection’.
Kings and aristocracy. The feudal.
Bejewelled. Lording. Utter imperfection.
Hardship. Squalor. Lives taken, most brutal.

With industrialisation, plenty,
but its distribution gross, and enforced.
‘The Other’ called ‘ “inhuman” entity’.

Manichean choice? The worst wins, of course.

Dystopia! What in mitigation?
Impulse for better administration.


History as religiousity.
And it was a strong, but divisive, force.
At times it displayed a ferocity.
Keeping people fearful of God, their cause.

And kept in their place in life, a function;
subservient to master and the church.
For ‘the faith’s’ powerful patrons, this done.
From Poor to Rich, Christianity’s lurch.

Repression, the order given blessing.
Acts of oppression declared justified.
Wars deemed “holy”. ‘Heretics’ confessing.
Opponents ‘devils’ to be exorcised.

But, greed, rule, empire, is really the key
to the understanding of history.


Running the country is not such a skill.
A lot of flunkies and cronies on hand.
Declare as policy the leader’s will,
and claim it’s for the best, you understand.

Institutions too, then, promote the line.
Put into a favourable context.
Whole story justifying it, they find.
Problem asserted. This way can be fixed.

And if it doesn’t work, or it goes wrong,
those who set it up will distance themselves.
Intention, not that, but good all along.
Some functionary exceeded himself.

Ideological aim misapplied.
Leader being to blame, of course, denied.


It’s not positive as a solution,
for an industrial and technical
society, but helps revolution.
To end rotten rule, it’s a useful tool.

And, a peoples’ protest, is Anarchy.
Non-acceptance of injustice imposed.
And denying of legitimacy
to rulers who deserve to be deposed.

Authoritarian and repressive.
Greedy domination of resources.
Using the State to punish. Excessive.
Right to resist all this? Of course it is.

Not the answer, governing brought about.
But, to change, Anarchy’s in with a shout.