Concluding Sonnets


I’ve done rain! I’ve done wind! Enough of those.
Seen lightning! Heard thunder! Spoilt my repose.
Had cold! Even freezing! Thanks, for warm clothes.
Hit by hailstones! Out there, I took the blows.

So what I want now is sunny weather.
Blue skies and hot Sun, combined together.
Wearing dark glasses, look cool and clever.
But days like those, do not last forever.

Could yet face a tornado; a whirlwind.
Where I am, hurricane could be heading.
Or, maybe, a typhoon come a’hurtlin’.
A cyclone, too, would not be forgetting.

But, the sunshine! …. To emerge feeling warm!
Always this prospect, if outlive the storm.


Life on earth will still be remarkable
after my lifespan has been completed.
Food chains. Births. Could say, it’s recyclable.
Billions in their own forms, repeated.

In time, nothing living now, will be then,
despite the vast multitudes, then and now.
My own death will be a matter of ‘when’.
Alive, only as long as fate allow.

Yet, there is life after death aplenty.
Just that it’s other lives given their chance.
This the renewal elementary.
I don’t need another religious stance.

Life carrying on, exceptionally.
It’s just the next miracle’s beyond me.


It’s a surfboard experience through life.
Riding the wave as it comes rolling in.
Upright, posed, balanced; momentum excites.
At least, that is what I’m imagining.

The white spume and the deep translucent blue.
The surge, to ride, emulating a wall.
Crested precariously; hurtling through.
Sleek board, to sluice and glide, the only tool.

If fall-off, down is just temporary.
Can get back up; mount another coaster.
Come roaring in, fast as necessary
stationed on this roller-coaster soaker.

Exhilarating, being with the board;
until reach shore. There, the roaring has roared.