Think of himself as brave; as a hero,
that fought for Islam in his younger days.
To dangerous land decided to go.
Surviving. That has even him amazed.

Could have been struck by a sniper’s bullet.
Murdered in battle with the enemy.
In anonymous bombing raid, ‘bought it’.
As suicide driver, his end, could be.

But it wasn’t. He returned quietly.
If needed, another story ready.
He was doing his bit for charity.
Was not involved in anything deadly.

Not pure, twisted, cause on which he was hooked,
Yet now thinks his place in heaven is booked.


Fucking idiots. When they’re dead, they’re dead.
Martyrdom’s a pathetic delusion.
Whether ignorant or Quran well-read,
or for country, it’s a cruel illusion.

Fucking menace, these crazed suicidals.
They don’t care about the lives lost they cause.
Beyond death nonsense; won’t brook denials.
Death-merchants with their own murderous rules.

And manipulated by the wicked
for purely political objectives.
Fuck them with their death cults. They can stick it!
Pure Evil that’s dressed-up in invective.

Claim it’s a Cause. More like ‘humans, feral’.
For rest of us, it’s work of the Devil.


What they have to motivate, is a cause.
See themselves being warriors for God.
It’s for Islam they’ll act their part in wars.
Martyrdom. To heaven, given the nod.

The belief is that is truly worthy,
the noble purpose have embarked upon.
And necessary, far as they can see,
to take on the wicked, however strong.

Misguided this simplistic illusion.
Belonging, but not to sane enterprise.
Becomes a psychopathic delusion.
Blood-soaked jihad, the monstrous exercise.

So wrong, it’s a shame, but a cause this pitch.
Western greed. Poor souls. Nothing to enrich.


Chance would be a fine thing; for me and you,
but the likelihood is non-existent.
‘Negligible’, is too much to construe.
Disbelief, if am to be consistent.

The construct of a place that is beyond.
Someone’s imaginings, simply unreal.
Position there for me, if I respond.
Most ludicrous fantasy that’s revealed.

Acts of craziness in the name of this.
Delusion that’s almost beyond belief.
Martyrdom, whereby choose not to exist
Murder, seriously, as light relief.

Redeemed, forgiven; acknowledged, even.
Other worldly sphere, for no good reason.


Surely we’ve all got enough on our plate,
without the horrors of Islamic State.
If we could, we would leave them to their fate.
Inevitable, after all that hate.

They will stay around, … thanks to their allies.
Claimed intent to destroy, imbued with lies.
May for a while be restricted in size.
Powerful friends; … however much denied.

For West, Syrian regime-change preferred.
Turkey attack IS ground foes, the Kurds.
To think Sunni Gulf states against, absurd.
Arms, through them, to IS, from here unheard.

Locked in, the myth, they’re total enemies.
War strategies mean more than refugees.


The shooting, the bombing, the violence.
The execution of those dissident.
The repression imposed, in place, immense.
Mostly on women and the innocent.

Their home occupied by alien force.
Partly, a foreign fighter takeover.
Religious nationalists, too, of course.
What little there is, first to ‘God’s soldier’.

So, a normal life made impossible.
Existence no more than subjugation.
Living under, at a cost that’s awful.
Sacrifice, without choice, for the ‘nation’.

Who cares for the poor woman in Raqqa,
when the jets come and attack around her.


He said “don’t fear the blame of the blamers”,
young Muslim, to others, in the desert.
A good teaching, although they’re not blameless,
in state that indulges in death and hurt.

But it’s rare to get a line uncensored
from ‘the enemy’ on the BBC.
That bestial, bloodcurdling, remembered.
Justifies being equally deadly.

A shame those lads awfully misguided.
Will be very lucky to survive war.
Not hearing them, normally decided.
The one sentence, then not be any more.

But the blamers, here, do have too much say.
I, too, want end to them having their way.


The inexorable trumpeting of war.
The howling of dogs, unassuageable.
Presented as though only a case ‘for’.
Obvious, the enemy blameable.

I don’t believe “totally destroy them”.
The reality is that’s not the aim.
But a brutal intervention again,
with consequences, much loss, little gain.

But what if all in ‘death cult’ state are killed?
That would, in effect, be a genocide.
Then, ‘holy’ terror is further revealed.
Pograms of those at home, the next step tried.

Nihilism sponsored both there and here.
As if survival dependant on fear.


A political and religious cause
behind these acts of monstrous violence.
Abhorrent continuation of wars.
For tragic victims, respectful silence.

Criminal perversion, jihad this way.
Adherence to a compassionless creed.
A terrifying blood lust to allay.
For their hungry God, countless deaths to feed.

It is cruelty for a faith in terror.
Those in the heartland of enemies, smote.
Vengeful; surely fundamental error.
Nearby now, madness no longer remote.

Aberrant beliefs; ‘burn in hell’ and more.
Satan! God!; the same in their means of war.


Bomb the shit out, and everything else.
Targeting-dependant operation.
Collateral damage, shame in itself.
Can only go on the information.

Just the same with drones, so no one to blame.
It’s obeying orders. How been programmed.
The effects, and the mistakes, are the same.
Politicians know why it all began.

And what is the warflyer’s pinnacle,
after ants on the landscape explosions,
and shoot-em-up that’s real, not cynical,
if have the required stone-cold emotions,

is to drop the big one. Insanity?
No; not when don’t start with morality.